The Concept and The Atmosphere
The Concept and The Atmosphere
Upon the main road from Fira leading to Firostefani, with a spectacular view of the vast blue of the Aegean archipelago and the island of Anafi, “The Bone” restaurant is welcoming you to a comfortable space that feels just like home. A venue dressed with the natural colours of Santorini, chocolate brown and blue creates the ideal atmosphere for you to indulge in unique flavours along with your beer or wine.
Here, you can choose from a plethora of unconventional salads to accompany premium steaks, juicy gourmet meatballs, Club Sandwich re-invented with potato wedges along with authentic American style Hamburgers. And all this, at good value for money.
Enjoy our unique-labelled ice-cold beers from small Greek breweries or fresh draught beer – right from the keg, selected wines from all around Greece and an extensive range of cocktails alongside mouthwatering finger food. Our vision is for our guests to share the owners’ enthusiasm for a culinary adventure and a good chat over good food.
Open all year round, under all weather conditions – volcanic… eruptions or not – until long after dark! 
Our Every Day
Our Every Day
Our suppliers are mainly local farmers for fresh vegetables, fruit and pulses and wine-makers but also selected ones from around Greece and abroad. Beers and sparkling wines, local deli products, cold cuts from the neighbouring islands of Siros, Mykonos and Crete and cheese from Naxos and Ios make for an unprecedented culinary experience.
The Bone Restaurant
Firostefani - Main Street - 847 00 - Santorini
Tel. 22860 25406,25407
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