Cooking Lessons
Cooking Lessons
Cooking lessons in Santorini, are the perfect way for you to learn how to cook tasty Greek food whilst at the same time enjoy the local cuisine and culture.
These lessons will allow you to immerse yourself in the Santorinian culture and way of life by cooking authentic local dishes all within a friendly and festive environment, because cooking is a celebration!
You will enjoy the meals you created along with your fellow cooks and our chef, complimented with splendid Greek wines or ice-cold beers.
We highly recommend to try out this unique culinary experience, alongside our chef who will teach you the secrets and techniques of Greek cuisine along with traditional Santorinian ingredients and recipes.
Are you ready to cuff up your sleeves surrender to the magic of cooking?
Seasonal notes
Seasonal notes
Seasonal notes
Santorini, this unprecedented oasis, has much more to offer than what meets the eye. Its land is endowed with a plethora of local products allowing for the synthesis of unconventional yet delicious and healthy dishes. In other words, Santorini is the core/heart of the Greek cuisine.
The Santorinian cuisine comprises mostly of local agricultural products, yielded by the island’s rich volcanic soil and ripened under the Aegean sun.
Santorini is the ultimate destination for those who appreciate and seek the elegance and idiosyncrasy of authentic taste.
“The Bone” restaurant dares to re-invent traditional local cuisine by incorporating modern culinary trends and thus catering for those who value good food and good wine.
Indulge in a gastronomical journey of consonant flavours and aromas that will remain indelibly etched in your memory.
FAVA – available all year round
Nature’s gift bestowed upon the island, the Santorinian fava, now also a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) product, is renowned for its unique rich flavor and smooth texture thanks to the volcanic soil in which it grows and the traditional milling procedures. Its lineage on the island dates back to 3500 years ago where fava beans were found within ceramic containers in the Late Minoan city of Akrotiri.
You can find the authentic Santorinian fava recipe here and purchase fava beans from the Union of Santorini Cooperatives here.
CHLORO CHEESE – available fresh during May & April, preserved for the rest of the year
A traditional Santorinian cheese produced out of goat milk. It is usually consumed fresh when its texture is creamiest. Some locals also like to preserve the cheese in brine, which makes it noticeably harder, rendering it perfect as grated cheese.
WHITE EGGPLANT – available fresh during June, July & August – dried or preserved in olive oil for the rest of the year
Another traditional produce of Santorini. The volcanic soil imparts its trademark white colour but also its sweet and juicy flavour and lack of spores.
CAPPARI – available all year round
Capparis is a small thorny bush which thrives in Santorini. It grows in proximity to rocks and wherever there is enough soil to sustain it. Its flower and leaves are the edible parts of the plant, after having been de-bittered and salted, and constitute a staple in the Santorinian cuisine. The capparis flower is a beautiful purple blossom with stamens and reminiscent of tropical flowers. It is mostly used as a condiment in salads.
KATSOUNI – available during June and July

Katsouni is a Santorinian cucumber variety with a pleasant, quirky taste, even more so when it is dry due to the island’s soil and microclimatic conditions.
Only in June
Only in June
Only in June
SANTORINIAN CHERRY TOMATO – available during June and only for 15 days
The worldwide known and lauded cherry tomato. Its history dates centuries back and is very closely interwoven with the nautical one of island. Some claim it was first brought to the island by a catholic monk, a legend that was quickly spread amid local cultivators. However, the most plausible explanation would be that it was brought by the local captains who traded Santorinian pumice for the opening of the Suez Canal.
It is undoubtedly a very unique agricultural product with a long history. Its variety derives from Egypt and Santorini had the perfect dry climatic conditions for it to thrive. In fact, it constituted the main exporting product of Santorini, along with pumice, during the early 20th century.
Its cultivation begun towards the end of the 19th century. Santorinian soil and humidity proved to be essential ingredients for its growth. The Santorinian cherry tomato is a rich red colour, very juicy and with a distinct aroma that makes it one of a kind. The variety is characterised by thick skin and bushy plants bearing fruit the size of cherries! Its unparalleled simplicity and flavour renders the tomato the core of the traditional Greek salad and tomato balls.
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